Wednesday, November 13, 2019
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Efforts to make the Isle of Skye a Toilet Twinned island have received recognition.

Kate Forbes MSP was presented with a twinned toilet in December.  Jess, Grace and Nick of Minginish Community Hall Association handed over the Malawi-twinned toilet as part of the Tearfund's Toilet Twinning Scheme.

The office Toilet Twinning Facebook page said of those involved in twinning toilets: "They include a fabulous group of twinners on the Isle of Skye who are involving the whole community in their bid to twin island lavies and become a Toilet Twinned Island. They recently presented a twin to Kate Forbes MSP, for example... Go, Team Skye: you are amazing!"

A visiting official from the District Office of Charlottenburg-Wilmersdorf Borough in Berlin has sown the seed for a possible new Town Twinning between Inverness and this district of Berlin.

Sven Hammerström, Group Manager of Schools’ Facilities Management – while on a four week visit to The Highland Council – has raised the Berlin local authority’s desire to explore the possibility of a twinning relationship with Inverness.

Mr Hammerström has been shadowing staff in the Council’s Development and Infrastructure Service by attending committees; planning meetings; tree preservation site visits; and has visited the Aluminium Smelter in Fort William.

He said: “I have met some wonderful people on the Isle of Skye, in Fort William, Inverness and at the Cairngorm. Everyone has been so welcoming, sharing and informative. While in Inverness it was great to attend meetings in - and see the magnificent Inverness Town House.

The pupils of Raasay Primary School are doing their best to flush away poverty through Toilet Twinning.  Together, the school and community raised enough money to officially twin the school toilet block with toilets in Uganda.

The international charity, Tearfund, helps communities to build safe and hygienic toilets with the help of funds raised from Toilet Twinning.  

Rhona Gillies, Clerical Assistant at Raasay Primary School, told The Skye Times: "Mrs Sandra Smith, ex-Head Teacher at Raasay Primary School, came into school one day to explain to the children all about the charity which focuses on providing clean water and sanitation in communities where people were dying from diseases caused by the lack of proper toilets and water facilities."  

Minginish Community Hall Festive Fair brought together an extravaganza of local talents, businesses and community enterprises today (Saturday 26 November).  One of those community enterprises included the Skye Toilet Twinning stall, which helped to raise awareness of the project to make Skye an official Toilet Twinned Island. 

Locals in Minginish are sitting pretty after being told that their local loos now have a real connection...with toilets in Chad!

For the local community – who pride themselves on the luxury conditions of the local latrines in the community hall – are taking part in the Tearfund run Toilet Twinning scheme.

They have pledged to raise enough to cover the running costs of several toilet blocks in some of the world's poorest countries and have now been told of a successful match

The hall's organisers say: "We are very pleased to tell you we have twinned the first of our loos with a school toilet block at Treguine refugee camp in Chad. Thank you to everyone who has donated or bought books at the Wednesday craft fairs.

They are not flush with success yet but Skye’s Minginish Community Hall is getting close to its charity target after twinning…..their toilets!

For the local community – who pride themselves on the luxury conditions of their local loos – are taking part in the Tearfund run Toilet Twinning scheme.

On social media the hall organisers say: “If you have visited the hall recently, you might have seen the posters about our "Toilet Twinning" project.

Minginish Community Hall

“Each summer we open our toilets to the public, with Joan and her team keeping them in ocean-going five-star condition. This year we are separately collecting donations to "twin" our luxurious loos with toilets for a school or community in Africa or Asia.

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